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Welcome to Doggydate

EVERY DOGGY HAS THEIR DATE.  Why should dogs be alone? is the new online community designed to bring dogs together from all over the world. It is also a chance for like-minded owners to meet, share favourite dog food recipes, exchange information and make a better place for dogs everywhere!    The site has facilities for dog-to-dog chat or owner-to-owner.   You can send a 'woof' to another dog or a human.  Whether your dog needs a breeding partner ,pen-pal or just another dog to chase a ball with, can help make that happen.

As part of the launch of our new site and to give you and your dog that extra bit of courage, we are currently offering  a FREE ONE YEAR'S MEMBERSHIP, to the first 300 dogs to join.

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Lonely Dogs and How to Handle Them
Feb 03, 2012

By: Kristi Carter

Dogs belong in packs and when they are domesticated, they still look at their families...more

Terriers on Tour
Aug 18, 2008


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